The art will breathe life into your space

Do you remember the fresh feeling when coming out of a movie theatre to reality as if returning from a vacation? Adding original artworks to your home works quite similarly. It rescues you from the staleness and refills your enthusiasm. As you realized, when COVID-19 happened, your house wasn’t ready for the introverted shift. Upgrading this unequipped base, where you now work, eat, and relax, makes sense. If you have some printed duplicates, it is the best time to realize the power of originals instead. If you don’t have any, don’t worry, it is a perfect start. 

head hunt by Hiroki Kanayama
A small colorful artwork near the desk for an energizing workspace 

Why originals?

Each original artwork has its character and charisma, as movie actors do. In its details, the artist’s journey has been recorded for you to watch. If it is an oil painting, the layers of paints, interactions between colors, and emotional brushstrokes will tell you a story. The originals are alive, and in there is the power. 

How do you choose the right one?

Choosing art for your room isn’t necessarily complicated. Let’s break it down in the easy five steps.

The first three steps

First, consider the purpose of rooms because it determines the atmosphere you aim to set. For example, I imagine the living room – a welcoming atmosphere, dining room – uplifting, bedroom – calming, kids room – inspiring, and so on. This atmosphere goal is your pole star; keep you from getting lost in choices.

Second, the style is essential. Even though The Gleaners by Jean-François Millet is famous, its style doesn’t fit in your modern living room with a sleek coffee table and a black leather sofa. Instead, you choose something stylish for a sophisticated atmosphere. 

The third step is color coordination. Sounds difficult? Don’t fret. You can navigate by asking yourself questions like these. Your favorite rug, curtain, sofa, or the floor, what color are they? Which color has more presence in the room? Coherence is the answer. Your space will look together by pairing the colors.

Voyage by Kenichi Aoyama

Here’s a quick review with another example – a living room with a cozy atmosphere. Judging by the furniture’s design and material, the style is casual and natural. There are multiple colors used in the space. However, you see the color connection between this light-toned painting and the room – the primary color as blue-hued-gray, the yellow of cushion, and the brown of the wooden materials. Without it, the place looks diffusive, but it appears harmonized with it.

The fourth step; the fun part!

The scene is set! Let’s find the actor, your art. Each piece is unique, and it represents your message. In the previous case, you can imagine the owner’s laid back personality from the light-hearted painting cruising on the wall. The right one will talk to you – free your mind and follow your instinct. For instance, I would pick this inspiring artwork for a kids’ room. Its bold colorings and mixed materials, it tells me to think creatively and live fully. 

Finally, master your space

The finish is understanding of the room. In a metropolitan city, rooms might not be too ample. Believe me or not, adding artwork can enlarge the limited space visually. The optical illusion is the reason why. By creating parallel lines across an area, you gain a sense of expansion. For a horizontally open space, such as above a sofa, put up a wide rectangle piece. For a narrow space like hallways, hang a vertical one. This dead-end-street shaped dining area could’ve looked cramped without the tapestry on the wall. (It is another excellent example of coherent coloration too.) The vertical emphasis adds another depth.

Color plays a role in the space too. An artwork in lighter shades or of sceneries, generally, will boost the expansion effect. Darker or vivid colorings, on the other hand, concentrate the attention of your eyes.  To have some scenery paintings with uncomplicated colors would do the trick to your small bedroom. It will give you extra space to breathe. 

Where can you find it?

We indeed live in a convenient time. There are online art marketplaces if visiting art galleries isn’t your thing. Typically their range in prices and styles is more extensive than a conventional gallery. You can freely explore with helpful filters and the keyword search. TRiCERA.NET is one, based in Tokyo, Japan. They introduce artists from the world, and of all stages from established to emerging. They also offer you free art advisory services online for your convenience. With the digital evolution of the art industry, your new favorite artwork is more accessible than ever.

On ArtClip, there’s an interview article coming up which recently done with an American customer who is an artist and a hobbyist collector. You can read through how was her shopping experience with TRiCERA and why or how she purchased artworks for her home. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter! 


At TRiCERA we believe that “creativity has no boundaries.” We enable artists to offer their authentic artwork to art collectors by providing our porfessional services. We solve the problems of language barriers and complex overseas delivery services in order to connect Japanese artists to the rest of the world.

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