On the contrary to the common impressions on abstract artworks, “They belong to the museums’ and galleries’ walls but not my place,” they are the excellent candidates for your home decor.  It seems difficult when you see it by itself, but it is much easier than figurative artworks to harmonize it with your room. Once you see the examples, you will instantly be able to imagine your favorite piece hanging on the wall at your home. 

Here’s one.  (click pictures or descriptions for more details!)

Aquamarin by Anja Stemmer 60 x 70 cm

Not convinced yet? Of course, I’ve prepared more example pictures! Do yourself a favor and scroll through part.1 of the series from here.

The search of undefined truth; Abstract art for home pt.1

If you’ve read part 1, you understand that the intellectual beings demand explanations on everything. That’s why we questioned and fantasized about “unknown” and “unexplainable” something. Now the quest has transformed into Contemporary art.

Firestorm by Go Hayakawa 72.8 x 60.6 cm

Abstract art is versatile.

There are many reasons why abstracts are the ideal home decor. For one – it doesn’t define itself or the room as much as figurative art would do, for example. Don’t you find yourself often criticizing the taste of the pictures or drawings hanging in your hotel room? It’s because that specific something wasn’t your taste. On the other hand, the abstract is abstract. It sounds dumb, but they can decorate any room of any taste in any style because of this reason. 

Do believe in your palate! A fan of geometry or color patterns?

More Zen experience in your Yoga area? You got it!

Meditation (3) by Thar Gyi 122 x 122 cm
Untitled (4) by Nann Nann 61 x 61 cm

For an elegant room with vintage furniture? Or a cozy and woody country style room? Not a problem, abstract can handle it!

Wave # 13 by Takaaki Mano   53 x 65 cm

If uniqueness is vital for you, how about some materials out of the ordinary?

Simple or minimalistic beauty is your thing? It’s simply gorgeous.

Miss R by Kanako Sasaki 27.7 x 15.8 cm
Abstract #720-3 by Yoon Joo 108 x 79 cm

Search more abstract artworks on TRiCERA if you cannot get enough of these beauties! It’s guaranteed that you will find the one that you can stare at all day long.

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