Some artists have such a unique background, but there are not many dentists like deTaka, born in 1964 in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. It was the death of an artist that made him decide to start out as an artist. It was when David Bowie vanished like a bright meteor with a smile on his face, and also that was the time when deTaka had to face friends and family member’s deaths. He saw in Bowie that he too can leave some legacy of his mortal being.

As an artist, he graduated from Kyoto University of Art in 2018 and participated in a group exhibition at Jadite Gallery in New York in 2019. With the realization of the transience and impermanence of life, he aspires to create a form of expression that will live on for posterity. And under the influence of his beloved artists such as Willem de Kooning, Picasso, Matisse, and Cecily Brown, he creates powerful, bold works with rough brushstrokes and the coexistence of color and matiere depth.

DeTaka, whose main medium of expression is acrylic paintings, has deep pockets, and his individuality shines through in his mixed media and digital expression as well. He paints on the floor like Jackson Pollock does, and his series of works contrast “Oriental Wabi-Sabi” and “Western Popness”, but in the background, there are influences from his life experiences, like, British Rock from his school days, a reverence for mortal lives, flexible ideas to use dental tools in his work. He will continue to deliver more sophistication and intensity to his audience like his beloved musician did.

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Metalic Wave
73.7 x 61.7 cm
Wisteria shower
73 x 61 cm
73 x 61 cm


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