Should you consider digital painting as part of contemporary art? Absolutely! It is indeed different from conventional art using materials like canvas and oil or acrylic paints. Nonetheless, it requires artistic skills such as drawing, composition, and, most of all, creativity.

Also, digital paintings can reflect the current events in a more timely fashion than the traditional ones. It is another crucial factor of art because it has always been the mirror or the visual record of history, either a realistic portrait of a king or a cubism interpretation of the war. 2020 has been a lot, and more and more digital artists well captured this unprecedented year.

Digital ones mostly come as prints and do not have the three-dimensional texture nor the sense of “original,” due to the obvious reasons. However, it can also achieve characteristic clean lines and unimaginable colorings; it is not simple as better nor worse, but a new art style of our age.

We don’t need to try persuading you with words because we believe that this phenomenal art can instead.

Le Thai Huyen Chauo 

An emerging psychedelic color wizard. She cynically turns lockdown-life sceneries into an apocalyptic disco. 


A Tabasco of art- pungent humor meets surrealism. Distorted creativity will keep you awake in the dream of your dream. 

50 x 35 cm
50 x 50 cm
50 x 35 cm


A gentle nudge for mental health awareness. Minimal composition emphasizes the message. 


An invitation to a melted fantasia- fine details and mixture of patterns are mesmerizing.

75 x 65 cm 
65 x 50 cm 

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