In the 1560s, high quality graphite was discovered in the Borough Dale mines in North England’s Camperland.

 Its black and smooth nature drew attention to the pencil, which was cut into long, thin strips and used as a writing instrument by wrapping the nigiri around a string or pinching it between two pieces of wood.

 Pencil drawings were made with the pencil, and as they could be done on paper and pencil, they had a wide range of applications. On the other hand, however, contemporary artists are seeking their own unique expressions to stand out from the clutter.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the artists at the forefront of pencil art interwoven with black and white.

Keisuke Tsuchida

 Tsuchida is a pencil painter who uses a unique technique to depict the fluctuations of the mind. He gradually changes from thin pencils to thicker ones, and shades the surface of the paper as if carving into it. The overlapping of the carved lines gives the surface of the paper a unique atmosphere due to the reflection of light.

59.5 x 45.8 cm

The work has no color, but it is profoundly expressed by layering many layers of pencil vertical lines. The limited and uncluttered world that expresses light by drawing shadows and shadows stirs the viewer’s imagination and creates a new world beyond the artist’s imagination.

72.8 x 103 cm

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Farrukh Adnan

Adnan is influenced by his hometown of Turamba in the southern province of Punjab, Pakistan. His aim is to present a new way of interpreting actual space by presenting an illusory space to define the actual space we live in.

The Beginning of the end – 1
66 x 81.3 cm

Wandering is also a key word in Adnan’s work, which cannot be left out. Through my own experience and research into the socio-political and cultural aspects of Turamba, I try to find a common ground between “space”, “historical significance” and “current global values” today.

Vista – 1
20.3 x 20.3 cm

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Sayumi Kunikata

 The origin of Kunikata’s work comes from his experience of drawing in his second year at university, when he experienced the profundity of the art of drawing.
With the themes of “the bare heart” and “the sky”, he places the highest priority on self-improvement. After taking a deep breath and removing his thoughts, he focuses on simple figures that come to him in a flash and draws detailed patterns to flesh them out.
 I have always wanted to learn about shrines, temples and Shintoism in my own country, so I am currently studying such things and incorporating the knowledge I have gained into my work.

50 x 60.6 cm

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 Everyone has had a pencil in their hand when they were in elementary school. It seems that there was a profound world in the extension of doodles drawn in textbooks.


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