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Today’s Must-Know American Talents on TRiCERA

What comes to your mind when you think of American art or American artists? August is an American artist appreciation month, it’s the perfect time for a quick review and new discoveries of American (from/ based) artists.

After WW2, great European countries struggled to maintain their influence on the globe, and instead, the U.S. rose to the occasion. It was also true not only in politics and finance but also in art as the American cultures are advertised and exported more than before. Especially, Pop and Minimalism art movements had impacts on the course of contemporary art.

Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Donald Judd, and Frank Stella – there are quite a few artists we can name so quickly. Thanks to them, we can enjoy the art that we presently know. The U.S.’s political image may not be so noble for us, non-Americans, or not as great as Mr. President’s reminiscents. Still, luckily, we can set aside the bias and celebrate creativity when it comes to art. (I’m sincerely sorry for those in the states about all the turmoil you have to bear at home.) Shall we embark on a delightful escape in the most brilliant artistry of the land of hope and dreams?

Here are some American (from or based) artists that we proudly present on TRiCERA!

Brian Schorn


Young Serena 92 x 61 cm

Seth King

Lawrence Lee

Double Thunder 30.48 x 30.48 cm

Edward Burden

Her Makeup Was Perfect 30.4 x 30.4 cm

Cash – Cooper

Sandra Mack-Valencia

Carl Goss

Clint Imboden

Isaac Ishimatsu
Born in Tokyo in 1988 and raised in the countryside, Isaac now stays in France. Although he excelled in his studies and work, he spent his time in Japan as an unconventional individual who puzzled his serious teachers and superiors. To realize his childhood dream of living abroad, Isaac moved to Canada in 2015. Currently, learning new languages, teaching languages, and working for TRiCERA keep him busy. Having worked at a pottery studio and studied music at a Canadian college, he has a wide range of interests, including photography and art. He writes about the connection between art and daily life from observations of the history and comparison of cultures.

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