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Summer Scenery in Art 2020 – Summer Greeting, Part 1

What do you think of the summer landscape of 2020? Many of us have probably had to make some adjustments to the strange and unprecedented summer pattern from what we had planned earlier this year. Last summer I was busy rediscovering my homeland of Japan for the first time in years, and before that, it was the usual season of concerts and weekend hikes in Canada. In my country, it was the season of evening surfing and ladder drinking. I miss the “normal” summer so much.

You who can’t escape from your desk and computer, you who are torn between whether you should enjoy the heat even if it’s suffocating you with a mask, or whether you should be wary of viruses and hold back on the fun. I found myself searching for “summer pictures” and dreaming of the summer of 2021 to escape from reality. Here are some of the past, present, and (hopefully) future summer scenes I found in art.

Do you miss parties by the pool?

Leap by Tea Ercoles 102 x 76 cm

If so, Aika Takahata’s work is perfect for you, wishing that you will always be in the mood for a party. Hang it on your wall and maybe you’ll experience that uplifting feeling again.

Or is this summer’s party a modest indoor one? Some artists are also enjoying indoor.

Summer in Japan is a time for festivals, yakisoba, shaved ice and fireworks, but what about this year?

Here in France, vacationing in the countryside is all the rage.

Green forest by Zinna kim 72.7 x 91 cm

I hope these works have been a relaxing escape for you, and I would like to inform you of the second part of my summer greeting. In the second part of the newsletter, we will introduce seascapes, a popular motif among TRiCERA artists, and seasonal abstract paintings. If you’re interested, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter!

Isaac Ishimatsu
Born in Tokyo in 1988 and raised in the countryside, Isaac now stays in France. Although he excelled in his studies and work, he spent his time in Japan as an unconventional individual who puzzled his serious teachers and superiors. To realize his childhood dream of living abroad, Isaac moved to Canada in 2015. Currently, learning new languages, teaching languages, and working for TRiCERA keep him busy. Having worked at a pottery studio and studied music at a Canadian college, he has a wide range of interests, including photography and art. He writes about the connection between art and daily life from observations of the history and comparison of cultures.

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