Nude art expresses the true nature of the human condition. Nudes have been produced since the time of Greek art in ancient times, and they have also been actively produced in unstructured primitive art throughout the world.

 After the Edict of Milan, Europe was governed under the name of Christianity, and “nudity” was inviolable in the art world even in the age of public order and morals. Even though dealing with nudity required the excuse that it was “allegorical and mythical”.

 However, Goya’s “Naked Maha”, the first vulgar and figurative female nude painting in the history of Western art, opened up new horizons in a field other than “mythological and historical paintings depicting scenes from the Bible, myths and stories”.

 Even after that, the nude continued to transcend the art world and underwent a dramatic transition with various characters. However, in this Internet age, we can connect to “nakedness” anytime and anywhere with a single smartphone. In this respect, it is doubtful whether we can beat other media in terms of sensuality, but what is the significance of artists dealing with “nudity” today? Through the works presented in this article, I would like to think with you.

Fiona Maclean

Homage to Egon Schiele’s two reclining nudes
41 x 29 cm
My version of Egon Schiele’s girl with black hair
41 x 29 cm

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Andrea Vandoni

Nude Future
70 x 60 cm
Two Women On Short Canvas
60 x 120 cm

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Isabel Mahe

Alpha Lyrae
56 x 76 cm
60 x 90 cm

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Zakhar Shevchuk

Sitting Nude
100 x 67 cm
White Square Nude
110 x 90 cm

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Badri Vaklian

Nude #1
70 x 50 cm
Nude #4
70 x 50 cm

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