However, the source of the artist’s creativity is surprisingly close to home, especially when it comes to themes such as love and affection. In particular, love and affection are especially familiar.

 Picasso’s world-famous “Woman Weeping” was modeled after his mistress Dora Maar, and Monet’s “A Woman Walking Under a Parasol” is a masterpiece that would not have been created without his wife Camille. To begin with, the subject of “lovers” is a traditional one in the history of Western art.

 In this article, I would like to introduce the works of contemporary artists who have added their essence to the universal theme of “Love” and “Lovers”.

Imai Atsushi

The Line Between Love and Love
50 x 73 cm
Love and Love Line No.2
50 x 73 cm

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Tea Ercoles

Hidden lovers dreaming
122 x 182 cm

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Seiji Nakamura

40 x 28 cm

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Jose Cacho

80 x 80 cm

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Delta N.A.

La Reve – The dream
50 x 40 cm
Tra le pieghe del tempo – Through the folds of time
48 x 14 cm

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Tamao Nagura

The End of Love
25.5 x 18 cm
I wish I could see you.
16 x 22 cm

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