He has had numerous exhibitions in Japan and participated in an artist-in-residence in Slovenia in 2019. Fujino is active in creating and exhibiting with artists in Europe. We interviewed him about everything from how he came to be an artist to his contemplation of his work with light.

 The “Specimens of Light” series is a series of works in which transparent brushstrokes are applied to glass and acrylic to visualize the light in the places where the works are placed. This series, one of Fujino’s signature series, is based on the theme of “what light can show us. Fujino has a special interest in light, but what does light mean to him? What does light mean to him?

“Light is everywhere, no matter where it is, and it can be perceived in various ways depending on the viewer’s inner state of being.”

 Light is an inseparable and universal presence for human beings, yet it is also elusive. Fujino has been influenced by a number of artists, such as the artist of light, James Turrell, who has been fascinated by the solid and shifting relationship between man and light. Fujino was one of those artists caught up in the magic of light, and it was light that led him to enter the world of professional creation in the first place.

 ”I studied art at an art high school and art college, and after graduating I was working as a curator, but I was trapped in a situation where I was stuck in ‘thinking by logic’ and was very confined. During my travels, I found myself gazing at the beautiful natural light shining in the room, and as I gazed idly at it, I was able to break free from ‘thinking theoretically’ and feel liberated.”

 This original experience was a turning point for Fujino. This original experience, which was a turning point for Fujino, was a kind of revelation to him.

 Fujino also told us another interesting story about his background, which is reflected in his work: “My parents lived in a small inn.

 ”My family ran a small inn. My family ran a small inn, and from my childhood, I was put in a cycle of people coming in from the outside and then being sent out again, and that’s how I learned that people are diverse”

 The “Specimens of Light” series is not only about the work itself, but also about the experience of the installed environment and the viewer’s perspective. The series is consistent with Fujino’s theme.

“I want to invite people who have busy minds to pick up these works. I would be very happy if the light in the place where I live can make them feel beautiful enough.”

 The “Specimens of Light” series is based on the premise of human diversity. The enveloping gentleness of the series is just like sunlight.

empty cube #1
5 x 5 cm
empty cube #2
5 x 5 cm
empty cube #3
5 x 5 cm
specimen of light #9
32 x 32 cm
specimen of light #7
32 x 32 cm
specimen of light #8
32 x 32 cm

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