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Have you ever looked up the sky with the telescope in wonder? Do your kids never stop asking you ‘why’ about everything? We humans are extra curious and unreasonably imaginative. Almost all civilizations sought for their gods or the non-existence of gods. We see drawings in a skyful of stars and discuss if there are aliens or not. We believed that the earth was flat, and the seawater was running down to the other world. What is the thing that’s driving us? It’s the fantasy of “unknown” and “unexplainable” something. 

Abstract seascape by Anja Stemmer 100 x 140 cm 

Wonders at home

Now, art has grown to one of those rare things that we don’t necessarily understand, like aliens’ existence. That’s one reason why contemporary art is so valuable and intriguing for many – our quest for mysterious minds of selves. To have mind-stimulative daily life yet also relaxing and somewhat neutral atmosphere for other family members and guests, I recommend buying an abstract painting for your home wall among various art types. You won’t get bored exploring uncertain truth in it, and others can rest in its aesthetics (or join you in the quest too!)

Let’s take Anja Stemmer’s abstract artworks as a showcase of how excellent they are for your home. Next time, you will discover more artists and in the meantime, you can read the tips on how to coordinate art with your room from here.

Konifers by Anja Stemmer 70 x 50 cm
Aquamarin by Anja Stemmer 60 x 70 cm

See how well it fits in?

The best tip is to… Pick up one color from

Your room and furniture that matches the artwork

And, Voila! Click on pictures for more details!

Flashlight by Anja Stemmer 120 x 100 cm

You can enjoy the beautiful details whenever you want

Who says it doesn’t go well with the oriental room?

It is more interesting when it’s paired!

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