After August, the heat that has been tormenting us will finally subside and we’ll be in the season of autumn.

 Autumn is the season for sports, reading, appetite, and so on. However, for art fans, autumn is also known as the season of art. By the way, the term “autumn in the arts” does not exist in other countries, but it is said to be unique to Japan.

 One of the reasons for this is the fact that major Japanese exhibitions such as the Nika Exhibition, Nitten and Inten Exhibition are held in the fall. It is also said that the pleasant autumn weather gives us more time to enjoy art.

 Autumn is a season of beautiful scenery with the moon and autumn leaves. What a graceful way to appreciate art during these seasons. In this article, I would like to introduce some of the original Japanese paintings of the autumn moon and autumn leaves.

Yoshihiko Daichi

autumn scenery
46.4 x 55.5 cm

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Keiko Kobayashi

Autumn in a small forest
46 x 58 cm
deep autumnal weather
46 x 58 cm

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Sai Seinan

Eight Sights of the Boutique–Dongting Autumn Moon
145 x 80 cm

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Edi Matsumoto

38 x 76 cm

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Sachi Oizumi

Early Autumn Autumn Flowers
21 x 29 cm

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Hitomi Fujikawa

autumn in the water
91 x 72.7 cm

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Chikako Tone

Thoughts on Autumn
45.5 x 53 cm

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signs of autumn
16 x 11 cm

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