The 21st “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition

Installation View, “The 21st “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition”, 2019 ©️Guardian Garden
Courtesy of Guardian Garden.

Young artists are always hunger for having opportunity to show their works to the world not only creating themselves. Art competition that offer opportunities such as group exhibition, solo exhibition or grant is one of ways to show works of young artists. In Tokyo, among many art competitions, there is an interesting annual competition that discovers talented artists under 35 years old which called the competition for “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition.

The 21st “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition is held at Guardian Garden in Tokyo. The gallery is run by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. which provides integrated human resource services. The exhibition features six works from finalists who passed two rounds of screening. The first screening proceeded focusing on portfolios of all participants and the second screening was one to one discussion between the graphic designers who passed the first screening and the jury. For this group exhibition the 21st “1_WALL”, each one side of wall allocated to each 6 finalists.

Installation View, “The 21st “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition”, 2019 ©️Guardian Garden
Courtesy of Guardian Garden.

Among the six finalists, one artist will be rewarded the Grand Prize and the winner will get an opportunity for a solo exhibition at Guardian Garden one year later with a grant 300,000 Japanese yen. This finial screening will be held on 3rd September, during the group exhibition. The six finalists will give a presentation on their works and based on the presentation the jury will give a review. The final screening will also be opened to the public.

The impression of this exhibition is a thing that the 21st “1_WALL” is based on diversity. The works varies in medium from photography, drawing, installation, painting, print even they all based in graphic design. In a center of the gallery space, portfolios of the artists were exhibited and also from a monitor installed, audience could see the process of final screening the 20th “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition last year. You can see the process of final screening the 21th “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition after the final screening.

The person concerned said the committee highly evaluate an artist who can show a progress of development on their works not a decent result. From the progress, they see a passion which is the key of being finalist and the winner of the competition which is supporting young passionate artists in Japan.

Yoshiki Tanaka, ‘Feels like sightseeing’, Installation View, “The 21st “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition”, 2019 ©️Guardian Garden Courtesy of Guardian Garden.
Yuko Mayumi, ‘Urban Oasis’, Installation View, “The 21st “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition”, 2019 ©️Guardian Garden Courtesy of Guardian Garden.

Six finalists who passed second screenings are below. Toru Kase, Daisuke Kondo, Maya Kondo, Yoshiki Tanaka, Mousho, and Yuko Mayumi. Each artist shows diverse work. Toru Kase works about monuments of unimaginable scale by using graphic design. Daisuke Kondo makes drawings. He expresses an inspiration after he listen music. Maya Kondo creates imaginary world. Yoshiki Tanaka presents an installation work that combines words, drawing and sculpture by inspiration from his artist-in-residency program in Hongkong. Mousho’s drawing shows many different types of room to express different time of people. Yuko Mayumi crystallize and combine a scenery from nature to urban artifacts and make “Urban Oasis”.

21th “1_WALL” Graphics Exhibition

  • DATES : August 27 (Tue) – September 28 (Sat), 2019
  • HOURS : 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Closed Sundays and public holidays. Admission free.

Article written by Jeongeun Jo
Jeongeun Jo is from Korea now living in Japan. She is one of the member of TRiCERA who graduated from Graduate School of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA/ Geidai). She is also working as an artist herself. 


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