Encounters at Art Basel Hong Kong

Starting from Private view for the press and VIP guests, Art Basel Hong Kong was held from March 27th – 31st. Even though a main function and purpose of Art fair are a sale of art works, the art works in ‘Encounters’ which were presented for ‘an exhibition function’ attracted public attention. In Encounters section, public could enjoy a huge scale of art as if we are viewing works in an art museum. This year, featured works of Encounters were mainly from Asian Artists such as Lee Bul, Chiharu Shiota, Zhao Zhao, Mit Jai Inn, and Pinaree Sanpitak. It’s 5 out of 12 Artists who participated in Encounters. Not only the numbers of Asian participants, but their works got most of public’s attention on the spot. 

Lee Bul, ‘Willing To Be Vulnerable’ – Metalized Balloon, In Art Basel Hong Kong 2019

‘Cezanne, Morandi, and Sanyu.’The exhibition as a stage for Asian artist

Art Basel Hong Kong, along with this renowned art fair many notable exhibitions were held during Art week Hong Kong at art-specialized buildings such as Pedder, H Queen’s, and also other art fairs like ‘Art Central’. The main feature of Hong Kong art week in this year was Asian artists. Worldwide galleries were representing emerging artists and also artists of 20th century from Asia. The most representative case was Gagosian Gallery from Pedder building. The title of the exhibition was ‘Cezanne, Morandi, and Sanyu.’ It was enough to focus on Sanyu, among two artists from Europe. The curator of the exhibition, Zeng Fanzhi (A painter-curator) states the reason to choose Sanyu below. 

“Sanyu’s approach to painting is remarkably similar to both Cezanne’s and Morandi’s; however, his method is inherently Eastern-he uses oils to paint the inks in his hearts”.1 

As he himself stated, the reason to choose Sanyu in the exhibition Sanyu is worthy of notice. With two representative Europe-based artists from 19-20C, he tried to drag public’s eyes on Sanyu from this opportunity of the exhibition. Just like the reason he mentioned, a notable reason for Sanyu is its unique characteristic of an Eastern sense. Especially in these days, in the sense of the methodologies and materials of art works, there is not so much difference in between Europe and America based artists and Asian based artists. However, surely there is a sense of uniqueness that we can feel from art works made by Asian-based Artists. It might be originated from different social, political, and environmental  

‘Cezanne, Morandi, and Sanyu.’ Curated by Zeng Fanzhi, Gagosian Gallery Hongkong backgrounds. Anyhow, I could make sure of the movement to pay attention to Asian artists from the exhibition and its intention. 

Galleries are featuring young Asian Artists who based in abroad 

Notable Asian art works were spotted not only of 20C’s but also from emerging contemporary artists. In Art Basel Hong Kong, one of participant galleries ‘Capsule Shanghai’ featured young Taiwanese artist Huang Hai-Hsin, who born in 1984 based in New York. As it was her debut of Art Basel, her witty works got people’s attention. Her works which presented in Art Basel Hong Kong this year were paintings about Art Basel scenery. Her works seemed to make fun of Art Basel and Art Market in a humorous and brilliant way.  

Huang Hai-Hsin, ‘Art Basel (The Holy Collector)’, Oil on canvas, Represented by Capsule Shanghai, Art Basel Hong Kong 2019 

Also, in Art Central Hong Kong which is regarded as second art fair next to Art Basel Hong Kong, a Chinese painter Haiying Xu, who born in 1975 based in Munich was spotted. Munich based gallery ‘Galerie Andreas Binder’ introduced her work along with other artists. According to her CV, she completed her Master’s degree in Munich, Germany and working as an artist based in there. While there was a case like Huang Hai-Hsin who based in New York but representing Chinese gallery, otherwise there was another case like Haiying Xu who studied in abroad and represented by local gallery. No matter how Asian artists got the opportunity to be featured in Hong Kong, the one thing clear was many international galleries are focusing on young Asian artists who have various backgrounds. 

Young Artist on TRiCERA

Now that we have over 100 artists participating on TRiCERA, we have various talented young artists as well as experienced artists. Here are one of our young artist, Manami Numata’s work. She is a Grand Prize winner on “The 72th Japan Woman Art Association” and also has an experience of study abroad in Italy.

A time seller by Manami Numata

We are uploading new artworks every week so please check our website.

Article written by Jeongeun Jo
Jeongeun Jo is from Korea now living in Japan. She is one of the member of TRiCERA who graduated from Graduate School of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA/ Geidai). She is also working as an artist herself .


At TRiCERA we believe that “creativity has no boundaries.” We enable artists to offer their authentic artwork to art collectors by providing our porfessional services. We solve the problems of language barriers and complex overseas delivery services in order to connect Japanese artists to the rest of the world.

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