Coronaviruses have also affected art fairs in Japan.

AiPHT (ART in PARK HOTEL TOKYO), a “Hotel type art fair” has announced the postponement of this year’s event. The reason is to prevent the expansion of the new coronavirus.

The fair started in 2016 and is the 4th of its kind this year. What’s new about the fair is that it offers visitors the opportunity to view and purchase art in a different location than the White Cube.

The organizers say they will postpone the event until September 25 – 27 this year. But “March in Tokyo” is the month when Japan’s 3 biggest art fairs are held. There are also concerns about the impact on other fairs.


Japan’s oldest public art museum reopened after renovation

Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art opened in 1933. It was the oldest building in Japan as an art museum, but it was renovated on a large scale in 2017. It is scheduled to reopen on March 21 this year.

Taking advantage of this renovation, the museum will be equipped with spaces for various purposes such as exhibitions of modern art as well as fashion and animation, new artists’ presentations, and traditional modern artists’ collections.

In commemoration of its opening, Kyoto masterpieces will be exhibited and a solo-exhibition of Hiroshi Sugimoto will be held.


Artist Art Fair Held in Kyoto

Last year’s scene.

For 2 days from February 29 to March 1, “ARTISTS ’ FAIR KYOTO 2020” a contemporary art fair organized by artists will be held at 2 sites in Kyoto.

Its mission is to “Making it easy to buy art” and “Cultivation of a place where the next generation’s artists can transmit them culture and art”, and this event has a strong ethical meaning in the art world.

This year marks the 3rd anniversary and 60 artists are scheduled to participate. Famous artists including Kohei Nawa recommended young artists as advisers. Check it out if you want to see Jamanese next generation’s artists.



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