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6 Artwork to Create an Industrial Room

What is an industrial room?

Industrial is a word that means “industrial” or “industrial”. The room is characterized by a warehouse or factory look, high ceilings, and daring to incorporate unfinished elements into the room. It’s not a brand-new look, but rather an image of things that feel used and durable interiors that can be used for a long time. It is said to have originated from the reuse of spaces that were originally used for warehouses as rooms, while daring to retain their original characteristics. This is a popular theme that has also been incorporated into offices and studies.

The role of art in an industrial space

The key is to display artworks that go well with materials such as metal, brick, and concrete that give a rugged image that is often used in room interiors. Here are some artworks that give a modern impression that also fits the room, or that give a sense of the texture of industrial materials when displayed in the room.

Untitled (19-37)

This is a work that mainly uses abstract expression. The artist uses his own unique method of expression, such as scratching the canvas after applying several layers of paint. Acrylics and charcoal are used in this work, giving us a sense of the material as it is. Since black is the base color of the work, it blends in well with rooms that have a rugged impression. A little bit of bright light blue as an accent makes it an eye-catching accent in a room with many dark tones.

Untitled (19-37) / 49.8 x 64.5 cm / mixed media – acrylic, graphite, charcoal


This unique artwork is a combination of the world-famous Apollo 11 moon landing photo and golf. A humorous piece of art like this can be displayed in a space that gives the impression of being rugged, without giving an overly rigid impression. The theme of space gives a modern impression, so it is recommended to create an industrial atmosphere. The number of colors is also small since it is based on a black and white photo, giving a simple and coherent impression. The red light-like processing on the top gives it a good sense of age, and it blends in well with the room without giving a sense of novelty that would make people feel uncomfortable when it is introduced.

HOLE IN ONE / 84cm x 59cm / digital print

Bronze Structure

This is an abstract work with geometric patterns on the surface and a metallic texture. The work is made of acrylic, but metallic paint is used to express the texture of metal. The texture of bronze, which is also used for coins, gives a rugged impression. As an interior decoration, this artwork goes very well with stone or brick walls. By mixing the bronze shine with a slightly dull metallic expression, rather than applying a uniform coat of paint, it creates an antique aspect that gives the impression of age.

Bronze Structure / 70cm x 70cm / acrylic


The outline and skin color are expressed with lines, which is rare in oil painting. The brown paper gives the painting a vintage look, while the motif of a man wearing sunglasses gives a modern impression. The face and sunglasses are drawn with lines, but with shadows and highlights to create a three-dimensional effect. The work is framed with the paper wrinkled and torn at the top and bottom, giving the impression of unfinished industrial elements. Of course, this does not mean that the work is in an unfinished state, but it is possible to take advantage of the direction left by the artist to incorporate the unfinished elements necessary for industrial art.

GROUPIE ART/66cm x 50.8cm/oil


This is a work of art that has no clear abstract motifs, but it has an expression of shining metal that looks like silver. In an industrial room with a lot of dull dark tones, the beautiful shining metal will make it stand out from the surroundings and attract attention. Since it is depicted as if the light is shining on it from below, it can be displayed more attractively if the light in the room is shining on it from below. It goes well with concrete and black walls, making it a very easy piece of art to introduce into a room.

LNE SS1 / 40cm×40cm / print

new york

While using black color extensively, this work captures the backlighting and various lights reflected on the street. The theme is a night view of New York, and the motif is contemporary, so it is an art work that can be easily introduced into a room. Since there are many black parts, it goes well with white or concrete walls, and even in a room with a bright impression, by adding the dark tone of the night view in moderation, it can create a cool room impression without a heavy atmosphere.

new york/80cm×80cm/oil

As you can see, the motif and nature of the artwork can be used to create an industrial room. How about using artworks as a point of reference in your room?

Manami Yoneda
After spending 3 Years in High School Art Course and vocational school, Manami started her career as a writer and a designer. She specialize in writing article about Art and life styles such as Art as Interior, Health, Life hacks etc.

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