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Up-And-Coming Digital Painters; Vibrant and Edgy

Should digital painting be considered as a part of contemporary art? Of course, there is no doubt about it. It is certainly different from traditional art with canvas and realistic materials such as oil or acrylic paints, but it still requires artistic skills such as drawing and composition, and above all, creativity.

In addition, digital paintings can reflect the current world situation in an even more timely manner than before. The fact that it always serves as a mirror and visual record of history is another important element of art. 2020 has many events going on that cannot be ignored, and more and more digital artists are portraying this unprecedented year.

Most digital works come to us as prints, and self-evidently lack the three-dimensional texture and sense of “originality. On the other hand, however, they can achieve the characteristic clean lines and unimaginable use of color. The answer to the question at the beginning of the sentence is that it is not a matter of good or bad, but should be recognized as a new style. You will be convinced of the power of this original and uncontroversial art.


Le Thai Huyen Chauo


Le Thai Huyen Chauo is an emerging wizard of psychedelic colors. She cynically transforms the everyday landscape under lockdown into an apocalyptic disco.






Tabasco of art. A meeting of acerbic humor and surrealism. Twisted creativity wakes you up in a “dream within a dream”.


50 x 35 cm


50 x 50 cm


50 x 35 cm




A gentle slap in the face that promotes awareness of mental health. The minimalistic composition emphasizes the message.






An invitation to a melting fantasia – an intricate mix of details and patterns.


75 x 65 cm


65 x 50 cm


Isaac Ishimatsu
Born in Tokyo in 1988 and raised in the countryside, Isaac now stays in France. Although he excelled in his studies and work, he spent his time in Japan as an unconventional individual who puzzled his serious teachers and superiors. To realize his childhood dream of living abroad, Isaac moved to Canada in 2015. Currently, learning new languages, teaching languages, and working for TRiCERA keep him busy. Having worked at a pottery studio and studied music at a Canadian college, he has a wide range of interests, including photography and art. He writes about the connection between art and daily life from observations of the history and comparison of cultures.

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