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TRiCERA Special Event “SAMEHOSHI Christmas Party”

TRiCERA Special Event”SAMEHOSHI Christmas Party”!!


TRiCERA MUSEUM is pleased to announce a special event “SAMEHOSHI Christmas Party” during the period of 12/18(Sat) – 12/24(Fri).

SAMEHOSHI was born in Kyoto in 1997, and graduated from Musashino Art University in 2020 with a major in oil painting. She currently lives and works in Tokyo. She has also participated in 「One Scene」(新宿眼科画廊/2018/Tokyo),「ショートケーキのうみで目が覚めたら」(新宿眼科画廊/2019/Tokyo) and Art Fair Tokyo 2021 this year.

In this exhibition, in addition to new paintings, SAMEHOSHI will show embroidery works and editioned works with special specifications, reconstructed from her first three-dimensional works presented at her solo exhibition “Entropy” (TRiCERA MUSEUM/2021/Tokyo) this summer.

“Cute things are still cute even after they lose their original form.”
Please enjoy the highlights of this year’s Samihoshi’s activities, which are based on the keywords of decay and generation.


🎄Christmas Present Campaign

In commemoration of the special event “SAMEHOSHI Christmas Party”, we will be holding a Christmas presents campaign ! ! 🎂🎄

“Christmas Present Campaign Part 1”
🌟10 winners will be selected by drawing 🌟

Follow TRiCERA’s official account [Twitter / Instagram] + DM to apply.
10 winners will be selected by lottery from the above applicants to receive the “SAMEHOSHI Original Booklet“.
Application period: 12/13 (Mon.) to 12/23 (Thu.) Winners will be announced on 12/24

“Christmas Present Campaign Vol.2”
🌟1 winner will be chosen by lottery!🌟

One lucky winner will be chosen by lottery from among all the purchasers of the selected works to receive an original SAMEHOSHI drawing which will be drawn at the live event on 12/19 (Sun) from 15:00.

– Eligible works –

Entropy  – collected edition
Entropy – embroidery edition

“Christmas Present Campaign #3”
🌟5 winners will be chosen by lottery!🌟

Five winners will be chosen by lottery from among the purchasers of the participating artworks to receive the print work “Christmas Cake” (with frame).

– Eligible works –

Entropy  – collected edition
Entropy – embroidery edition


🎄Christmas Discount Coupon Giveaway

In celebration of this event, discount coupons will be available. 🎂🎄

– 20% off coupon that can be applied on the web
This is a 20% off coupon that can be applied on the web. This coupon can be used for other than SAMEHOSHI’s works as well.
Coupon code: SAMEHOSHI20

– 30% OFF coupon to be used at the venue (not applicable to lottery works)
Those who come to the venue will receive a 30% off coupon that can be used on-site.

Outline of the event
SAMEHOSHI Christmas Party

Period: SAT, Dec 18, 2021 – FRI, Dec 24, 2021
Opening hours: Monday – Sunday 11:00-19:00

SDS Takanawa Building 2F, 3-22-5 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074, Japan (Gallery space)

Access: 6 minutes walk from JR Shinagawa Station
Tell: 03-5422-8370


See Her Artworks


Born in Kyoto in 1997, she graduated from Musashino Art University in 2020 with a major in oil painting. Since around 2016, she has been drawing girls who repeatedly collapse and form with acrylic paint and pen.

Main group exhibitions
“199X” (Gallery shuuue/2020, Tokyo)
“ob curation neo wassyoi” (Hidari Zingaro/2020, Tokyo)
“Unfinished End Roll” (Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery/2019/Tokyo)

Main Solo Exhibitions
“Entropy” (TRiCERA MUSEUM/2021/Tokyo)
“When I Wake Up in the Sea of Shortcake” (Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery/2019/Tokyo)
“One Scene” (Shinjuku Ophthalmology Gallery/2018/Tokyo)

Instagram @samehoshi
Twitter @Samehoshi


See Her Artworks

Masataka Kuwada
In charge of artist management. Loving Contemporary Art!

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