Italian artist Francesca Borgo layers abstract landscapes with earthy natural tones. Being inspired by the nature that she is surrounded by, she enriches the representation by adding textural effects using acrylic paint, gesso, and acrylic resins mixed to sand.

Painting has always been her passion. It fuelled her imagination and her desire to express the different future for humanity and the planet. After a period of illness that held her at home for a while, she started to have ‘daily dates’ with colors and paintbrushes, feeling more and more in contact with herself.

Her works are using dense and diluted colors to shape the overall effect and uses metallic pigments to create light reflections. Combining these two gives a contrast between shadow and light. She recently started seeking new media using a pen and tablet to create a digital painting. This technique allows her to represent the struggle of the inner world.

She is actively participating in fairs and exhibitions across Europe. Also, her works represent in private collections in the USA, UK, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, Malta, and Italy. Keep scrolling down to have a sneak-peak of her eep ethereal abstract landscapes!


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