Ikedaayako is a painter who outputs her emotions in the form of a portrait. She is not aiming to express the details of the object such as the color and outline, she rather reflects her emotions, thoughts, and the movements that she feels inside herself. Painting is like self-expression and is sketching her spirit in the form of a painting.

You seem to create many portrait works. Could you first explain your work?
-The work I create depends on the mood of that time, so I don’t have any concrete theme that I always paint. But I often paint a portrait with the facial expression of my feelings at that time. 
Since I was little, I liked drawing and used to draw people. The fact that I still like to paint people is not intentional, but when I thought about reflect and express my emotions directly in the painting, I felt like landscape or abstract didn’t match. For somehow, portrait feels the best way to express my emotions directly. 

vivid r_02, 53×45.5cm

People painted in your work are in random colors and not drawn in realism. Is the motif imaginary?
-No, I have a specific prototype when I paint as imagination is not something that matches me. But when I look at the completed work, I often think if the prototype is even helping as its so different from the image. I decide the colors of each part of the body by observing the image so sometimes my portrait has random colors of skin such as green. As I said earlier, my painting reflects my feelings so when I look at the finished work, it brings me back to the feeling that I felt at that time. I am convinced only after finishing the painting instead of while creating my work. 

Dedicated to P_07, 19.5×25.4cm

Have you always wanted to become a painter?
-No, but I liked drawing since I was a child. I can’t create a story like comics but I can draw, so I decided to go to an art school. As a school tendency, I was told to draw the entire body, but the faces were more interesting to me. I mainly study illustration at school, but as I was learning, I was not good at ‘client work’. I wanted to draw what I wanted to draw.

You mentioned that your work reflects the emotions at that time. But does the object you want to draw change in terms of the motif?
-It depends, but I don’t have a certain flow to that. I feel like I tend to paint a portrait when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with things. So I think I’m getting my emotions out by painting. 
Last fall, I picked up a sparrow and spent about two days together and somehow it made me feel like I wanted to paint something other than portrait. So at that time, I painted motifs other than faces. Perhaps depending on who I meet and what I see, my motifs may (or may not) change in the future. 


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