Are you a fan of Halloween festivities? If so, you might be bummed this year as you won’t be able to party around as you used to, thanks to the pandemic. There aren’t many people to show off your costume to, and besides, wearing a “mask” is nothing different from daily life anymore. The reality has become more scary and dramatic than fiction. So we propose, why don’t you redirect your budget and party spirit to decorating your home?

In addition to your usual house decoration for Halloween, you can add an art piece or two. It is nice to change up your interior according to the season change too. It will make this occasion extra special for many years to come. There are artworks that give you and your house guests a chill in the spine. Find your frightening favorite here!

Jure Kralj

MIchele Pau

Il martirio by MIchele Pau
23 x 21 cm


Little Cho

Kate Glasheen

Sam Bulaga

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