TRiCERA has over 100 artists participating on our service, and some of the artists were featured on the Japanese TV show “Break Zenya” (ブレイク前夜 〜次世代の芸術家たち〜) which means “Smash-hit-to-be”. Here are some of our Artist’s clips, please visit our website to see their artworks.

Keisuke Tsuchida

See more of Keisuke Tsuchida’s work from HERE

Go Ogawa

See more of Go Ogawa’s work from HERE

Yu Uchida

See more of Yu Uchida’s work from HERE

Aran Yasuoka

See more of Aran Yasuoka’s work from HERE

Yuna Okanishi

See more of Yuna Okanishi’s work from HERE

Osamu Watanabe

See more of Osamu Watanabe’s work from HERE

Tomoichi Fujita

See more of Tomoichi Fujita’s work from HERE

Chihiro Kabata

See more of Chihiro Kabata’s work from HERE

Haruka Kanamaru

See more of Haruka Kanamaru’s work from HERE

We list high-quality artwork and craftwork, all chosen by our art advisors. In addition, we provide safe delivery and excellent customer service to ensure quality and seamless, convenient purchasing.

TRiCERA is the only platform in which both the artists and buyers can trust. Thorough information about each art work is provided on our website.We offer full support for inquiries in Japanese, Chinese, and English. Our goal is to make Japanese art work accessible to the rest of the world to share the wonderful, unique art work that is available.


At TRiCERA we believe that “creativity has no boundaries.” We enable artists to offer their authentic artwork to art collectors by providing our porfessional services. We solve the problems of language barriers and complex overseas delivery services in order to connect Japanese artists to the rest of the world.

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