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Jun Suzuki ~ Art Pulses ~ Ballpoint pen drawing that comes to life.

Jun Suzuki, who says he wants to “compete with just a ballpoint pen,” creates art that is both detailed and full of originality, and his attitude is as dependable and refreshing as that of a samurai with a sword. Her father was a potter and her mother was a painter.


Her father is a potter and her mother a painter. As a child, Suzuki was exposed to the arts and naturally began to draw, but it was during her junior high school years that she had a shocking encounter. Fascinated by the finely drawn pen lines of Katsuhiro Otomo’s manga “AKIRA,” he began to copy and study it. He was also influenced by Western music album jackets and art posters from the 60’s and 70’s. As he says, his days of training are reflected in not only the various designs that are meticulously drawn, but also in the excellent composition and sense of balance of the pictures.


He mainly uses Kent paper and a ballpoint pen to express himself, and in addition to the dizzyingly detailed lines and dots, he never stops his daily quest to expand the range of his work by drawing on different sheets of paper and cutting and pasting them together. He expresses big themes such as love, the energy of life, other worlds, and life and death through art that is both familiar and unexpected. Her journey to create ballpoint pen drawings, in which she condenses her own life onto the screen and connects with the viewer through her heart, continues.


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29.7 x 21 cm


42 x 29.7 cm


29.7 x 21 cm


Love7 I love you
72.8 x 51.5 cm


Love8 Happiness
72.8 x 51.5 cm


42 x 29.7 cm


Little Mouse
42 x 29.7 cm


Shinzo Okuoka
Born in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan. After studying Indian philosophy at university, she worked at a publishing company as a deputy editor of an art magazine and a shrine magazine, where she was involved in planning and editing magazines and books. 2019 she joined TRiCERA, a start-up company, where she was in charge of developing Japan's first cross-border e-commerce site specializing in contemporary art, managing artists, and launching the company's own on-demand media. He is also in charge of developing Japan's first cross-border e-commerce site specializing in contemporary art, managing artists, and launching the company's own owned media. He is a fast writer, and when he was working for a magazine, he was able to write 150 pages in a month by himself.

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