¥ 150 USD

Size:H420 × W297mm
Material:Acrylic lens
Frame:Original acrylic Frame(+ 100 USD)

※The frame in the photo is for reference only and is not the actual product.
©︎KOSUKE MOTOHASI/TRiCERA, inc. All Rights Resaved

TRiCERA is pleased to announce the release of Kosuke Motohashi’s limited edition print  “THE KING OF SILENCE” in a limited edition of 150 copies.

Born in 1989 in Hyogo, Japan, Motohashi began working with art around 2013 and has worked in Tokyo and New York. Through his work, Motohashi has been exploring the reactions and meanings that occur when the viewer is confronted with his work.

This time, we used lenticular printing to create a  print work that looks different from three different directions, as if the world of phenomena is constantly changing.

We hope you will enjoy this opportunity to see part of the pulse of Motohashi’s work, which directly confronts life and death.

Notes on Sales

(1) The work comes with a signed/edition numbered certificate.
(2) You cannot select an edition number.
(3) Please allow 2 weeks to 1 month for shipping after purchase.
(4) You are responsible for any charges for re-delivery due to refusal of receipt by the customer.
(5) The artworks will be on sale from December 8, 2020 to January 8, 2021.


At TRiCERA we believe that “creativity has no boundaries.” We enable artists to offer their authentic artwork to art collectors by providing our porfessional services. We solve the problems of language barriers and complex overseas delivery services in order to connect Japanese artists to the rest of the world.

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