For Mariko Teratoko, painting has been and will be all her lifework. She fixed her gaze on her painting journey in childhood and successfully continuing to this day. She was born in Mie prefecture, Japan, and horned her craft at Nagoya Zokei Junior College by majoring in Western paintings. She says she “has met many fantastic artists and teachers, and their great influence has raised me as one.”

Teratoko’s sophisticated Abstract paintings are received well in the art society not only in Japan but worldwide. She has held solo exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art Saitama, Jiyuu Bijutsu, galleries in Tokyo, and Seoul Kepco Art Centre. In November 2022, she will be holding another solo exhibition at Artifact in New York. Also, she appears in many group exhibitions and participates in Asian art fairs.   

As she explains the theme of her artworks “the colors of the memories,” her paintings bring back the favored moments of one’s lives to the audience. She expresses nature’s colors, such as water, mountains, sky, and plants, or cityscape with beautiful overlaps and layers of paints. It is a personal memory of hers, yet you will be captivated in this beautiful déjà vu of your memory-scape.

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60.6 x 60.6 cm
80.3 x 80.3 cm
60.6 x 60.6 cm

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