Works in between sculpture and painting were spotted at newly opened art space ‘PARCEL’

Yusuke Komuta’s solo exhibition “Space|aspec” at PARCEL

The Installation view of “Space|aspec” (2019) by Yusuke Komuta
Courtesy of the artist and PARCEL

In this June, a new gallery ‘PARCEL’ was opened in Tokyo. As its second exhibition, Yusuke Komuta’s solo exhibition is held from 21st September to 31st October. Yusuke Komuta is young emerging artist who was born in Osaka, Japan and one of artists who represented by SCAI THE BATH HOUSE.

Even though he majored neither Sculpture nor Painting, his work seems in between sculpture and painting.[1] Along with this interesting feature of figurative characteristics, the theme of his work is unique enough as much as the way he deals materials. He makes work series based on the lines of unfolded Origami airplane and crane.

Origami is a common children’s recreation and also a kind of craft which is folding paper to make three-dimensional structure. Airplane and crane are the most common type and representative examples of Origami play. Origami is in between paper and sculpture which can be both two-dimension and three-dimension. Whenever you unfold it, it goes back to its original state, a paper but with lines as a trace. Lines are also a trace of algorithm for Origami. Komuta focused on this characteristic of Origami.

The Installation view of “Space|aspec” (2019) by Yusuke Komuta
Courtesy of the artist and PARCEL

Komuta visualizes this feature of Origami by colors and making geometrical division. A geometrical division is expressed in various ways sometimes by strong changes in colors or subtle gradation of color. This is why his work does not just seem simple even though his work looks minimalistic style. Moreover, we can imagine what the former shape of the unfolded Origami itself was. Unfolded image, the art work itself and also art work shaped three-dimension in our imagination both enrich way of our appreciation. As stated above, the presenting works at “Space|aspec” are varied in form. Paintings, flat sculptures and a painting in which a wrapped fabric sticking out. Komuta’s mirror series which is work made of a polished mirror with engraving Origami line also presenting at this show. According to the gallery Parcel Tokyo, this series has been exhibited at Inu-jima during the Setouchi Triennale 2014-2016, and was exhibited in the “GENBI SHINKANSEN” a special art-friendly train on the JR Joetsu-Shinkansen from 2016. Exploring a diversity in method of expression would be a joy of this exhibition.

During the exhibition, there will be a talk session under the theme “Specifics about Abstract Paintings”. Komuta and other contemporary artists will also join the talk session. The purpose of the talk session that

The Installation view of “Space|aspec” (2019) by Yusuke Komuta
Courtesy of the artist and PARCEL

the gallery has revealed is to reconfirm and verify where art and artists are currently located though the market values are regarded as a priority in these days. About details will be announced by the gallery.

About the gallery Parcel Tokyo 

The gallery where presenting Komuta’s work, ‘PARCEL’ has newly opened June 2019, in Tokyo. It is located inside the DDD hotel. The current location of the gallery was used for a parking lot before and renovated for the gallery. Due to its history, the space seems very unique place with special atmosphere which is hardly to be found in Tokyo. The gallery is managed by two directors Taku Sato, former director of CLEAR EDITION & GALLERY and Sakie Takasu, a member of SIDECORE, a curation group operated by artists.

Besides, the interior and exterior of the hotel are also look like an art space. Be aware! you might mistake the hotel entrance as if the door is to the gallery or not. In addition, DDD hotel is currently pre-opened and scheduled to be opened in December. 

Parcel Tokyo states they would like to be a space which can be have both features of project space and gallery. they also state that they would host varied programs that transcends cultures and values, both Japan and abroad.

“Based on communication and careful research with artists, we are trying to look into various aspects of the “age,” “social” and “context.” from a contemporary point of view.” -PARCEL

Along with the new hotel, this attractive new space is expected to performing a role as one of contemporary art scene.

Yusuke Komuta, “Space|aspec”

  • Dates: September 21 (Sat) – October 31 (Sat) 2019
  • Hours: Wed, Thu, Sun: 14:00-19:00 Fri, Sat: 14:00-20:00
  • Closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and National Holidays

[1] Yusuke Komuta majored in Applied Arts from Kyoto University of Art and Design and Inter-Media Art from Tokyo University of the Arts.

Article written by Jeongeun Jo
Jeongeun Jo is from Korea now living in Japan. She is one of the member of TRiCERA who graduated from Graduate School of Fine Arts at Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA/ Geidai). She is also working as an artist herself. 


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