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ishii-nobuo: A late blooming wonder, bringing smiles to the world.

For an artist who has built up a 52k enthusiastic fan base on Instagram, not much is known about ishii-nobuo. The fact that he posts quality work daily without any kind of following speaks volumes about his appeal. There is no doubt that he is a late bloomer, but it could be like a dormant volcano erupting and spewing out massive amounts of magma. His creativity has never waned and continues to blossom.


However, being prolific is only one of the factors that make him a childlike genius even in his old age. This is because ishii-nobuo’s innocent curiosity is the key to his humorous motifs and various techniques in painting, absurd pottery, and old-fashioned pottery. His seemingly quirky and eccentric sense of humor is balanced by the sweet romanticism of a teenage boy in him, even when he makes sexual jokes, which are accepted.


The brush strokes are clean and free, as is ishii’s method of painting with ink and paper. Isii believes that viewers can enjoy his works only if the artist himself enjoys creating them. That is why we can smile at ease when we see his works. It is a cathartic experience for us, and perhaps for him as well, in his battle with cancer. Every day, he is freeing the hearts of his 52K+ fans with his art.


To see more of ishii-nobuo’s work on TRiCERA.Net, click here.



P.S. I hope his fans can understand Japanese, because some of the titles are oyaji gag, and I think they will appreciate his work more than they see it.



The Japanese title is “Jar Ne”, which means a casual honorific like the English “See ya”. It plays with the word “Jar” (although it is a teapot) and shows two men on either side saying “See ya”.






Series of Object Miniature
9 x 8 cm


17 x 16 cm




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Isaac Ishimatsuhttps://www.tricera.net/
Born in Tokyo in 1988 and raised in the countryside, Isaac now stays in France. Although he excelled in his studies and work, he spent his time in Japan as an unconventional individual who puzzled his serious teachers and superiors. To realize his childhood dream of living abroad, Isaac moved to Canada in 2015. Currently, learning new languages, teaching languages, and working for TRiCERA keep him busy. Having worked at a pottery studio and studied music at a Canadian college, he has a wide range of interests, including photography and art. He writes about the connection between art and daily life from observations of the history and comparison of cultures.

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