For an artist who built one’s enthusiastic 52k fan base on Instagram, much information about Nobuo Ishii remains unknown. Without following any, but only by posting quality work daily, he let his art appeal speak for itself. He certainly is a late-bloomer, but maybe a one like a sleepy volcano erupts with tons of accumulated magma shooting out. His creativity never waned, and it continues to flourish.

Still, being prolific is just another factor of this aged yet childlike genius. Childlike- because Nobuo Ishii’s innocent curiosity is the key when describing his humorous motifs and various practices such as painting, absurd pottery, and old-school pottery. His seemingly quirky and eccentric sense of humor, even when it comes to sexual jokes, is balanced and embraced with his sweet romanticism of a teenage boy within him.

As well as Ishii’s painting technique with ink and paper, his brushwork is clean and free. He believes that the audience can enjoy one’s art only when the artists themselves enjoyed creating it. It makes sense why we can smile carefree when we see his art. It is a cathartic experience for us, probably for him, too, amid his fights against cancer. He is liberating 52k+ fans’ minds every day through his art.

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P.S. I wish all his fans could understand the Japanese language because some titles are dad jokes, and they would appreciate his works even more than what they see. For example,

In Japanese, the title is “Jar-ne,” which means a casual salutation like, “See ya” in English. He plays with the word “Jar” (although it is a tea-pot) and painting two guys saying “See ya” on each side.

Series of Object Miniature
9 x 8 cm
17 x 16 cm 

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