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6 Artwork to Create a Natural Room

Here is a collection of art that is useful for room design. Not only the visuals, but also the philosophy of the artists. In this issue, we introduce six works that are perfect for creating a natural room.

The affinity between nature and art

Plants and nature have a soothing effect on the human mind. In the same way, art also has the property of having a healing effect on people’s minds when they appreciate it because of its “color,” “motif,” and “texture.
How about creating an artistic and warm space that harmonizes the atmosphere of the room with the properties of such artworks?
Here are six works of art that can be displayed in a room to create a natural atmosphere, and works well with natural interiors.

The Breath Of Life

The Breath Of Life / 10cm×10cm / acrylic

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In this work, summer has arrived in Russia, and plants and insects are enjoying life. Since the motifs are deformed plants and insects, the work has a sense of presence even in a room with plants and other natural materials around it. The gray background color makes it easy to match the color of the original wallpaper in the room when decorating. Because of the small size of this work, it is also recommended for those who want to display multiple paintings.

3-2 “Garden

Garden / 37cm×47cm / acrylic

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This work depicts plants with a lovely touch like a picture book. Although a lot of green is used in the painting, the color of the green is changed little by little to make the painting more varied, so that the viewer does not get bored even after viewing it for a long time. The work is characterized by the very detailed depiction of plants with a feminine touch, and this kind of detailed painting can be displayed in a monotonous space to raise the overall quality of the room’s interior. The green color goes well with wooden interiors and is perfect for natural spaces.


Guangzhou / 38.1cm x 30.5cm / watercolor, pen, ink

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This work is characterized by its bold composition, as if looking at a city from above. The overall color scheme of this work is based on yellow. Since yellow was included in the trend colors for 2021 announced overseas, it is said that using it as a color for interior decoration will be a trend for 2021. The subdued yellow tones in this piece are also perfect for the trend. It also goes well with warm beige and white, making it a very easy color to handle. As the work depicts a cityscape, there is a lot of linear expression, so concentrating furniture with a linear silhouette in the same room will give the room a sense of unity.

The dreaming moon_2

The dreaming moon_2 / 50cm×50cm / acrylic

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This work is unique in that it is painted on a round canvas. In a space with a lot of linear interiors, displaying a round canvas like this one focuses the eye on the work and gives it a sense of presence. The caption says, “The moon we met in the deep sea,” and it is a unique work that cuts the sea into a round shape like the moon. By making the work stand out, which was created with the colors of the ocean and nature in mind, the entire atmosphere of the room can be controlled in a natural direction. The overall cold color base gives a stylish and cool impression even in a warm space.

Space Cloud – 6th Planet

Space Cloud – 6th Planet / 70cm x 100cm / Digital print

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This is a photographic work with a nostalgic atmosphere that reflects the sky.

You can feel the warmth from the orange clouds that occupy much of the screen. It is perfect for creating a warm impression in a room by decorating it, even if the wallpaper or interior has many dark colors. In addition, these nostalgic pieces can be displayed near wooden interiors that have an old texture to create a natural and vintage atmosphere.

Fontana di Trevi


Fontana di Trevi / 70cm×70cm / acrylic

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This work was inspired by seeing coins glittering at the bottom of a fountain in summer. The coins are represented with golden acrylic paint, which brings out the metallic texture of the coins. Because the painting depicts even the sides of the canvas, it can be displayed in a room without being framed. By adding a painting with a metallic texture to a natural, soft atmosphere such as wood, you can clarify the impression of a room that is lacking something. The metal-like texture does not give a heavy impression, but rather a sparkling and bright impression, so the overall atmosphere of the room will not be heavy.

A natural room is a theme that has been loved by people of all ages for many years, and it gives the entire room a warm atmosphere. Since art works are quite compatible with such natural rooms, it is recommended that even beginners can easily decorate their works.


Manami Yoneda
After spending 3 Years in High School Art Course and vocational school, Manami started her career as a writer and a designer. She specialize in writing article about Art and life styles such as Art as Interior, Health, Life hacks etc.

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