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Put the art next to the pillow.

It is up to you to decide where to place the art in your home. It can be on the wall, on a shelf in the living room, or by your bed. The inhabitants of the sideboard might be a clock, a light, a glass, a glass of water, or a book you are reading, but wouldn’t it be stimulating to have a piece of art where you can see it when you go to bed and when you wake up?
How about starting your day with art, and ending it with art from good morning to good night?

Atsushi Kaneoya

Avator#418 x 23 cm

Avatar#1110 x 19

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Yu Namura

POSE10 x 16 cm
spiritH 7cm x W 14cm x D 6cm

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Celia Debras

APE-A0517 x 12 cm
Inert Movements
MI_A1521 x 4 cm

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Makoto Ogura

nothingH 8.5cm x W 9cm x D 8.5cm
DropH 9 cm x W 8.5 cm x D 8.5 cm

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Emi Yamamoto

plantH 20cm x W 20cm x D 70cm
breathingH 40cm x W 14cm x D 15cm

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Saeka Komatsu

Come with me.
H 12.5cm x W 5.5cm x D 13.5cm
Where are you taking me.
H 12.5cm x W 6cm x D 18cm

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Shinzo Okuoka
Born in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan. After studying Indian philosophy at university, he worked at a publishing company as a deputy editor of an art magazine and a shrine magazine, where he was involved in planning and editing magazines and books. 2019 he joined TRiCERA, a start-up company, where he was in charge of developing Japan's first cross-border e-commerce site specializing in contemporary art, managing artists, and launching the company's own on-demand media. He is also in charge of developing Japan's first cross-border e-commerce site specializing in contemporary art, managing artists, and launching the company's own owned media. He is a fast writer, and when he was working for a magazine, he was able to write 150 pages in a month by himself.

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