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Quick Insight Vol.4 Why is Hiroki Takeda the Artist of Choice in the Media?

A painter who attracts attention from various media Why is Hiroki Takeda being selected now?

Hiroki Takeda is an artist who specializes in watercolor paintings. This year, Hiroki Takeda, an artist who specializes in watercolors, has been attracting attention in the media of major communication applications and has been gaining fans on social networking sites. There are many artists who emphasize the cuteness of animals in their paintings, but there are only a few who draw realistic, three-dimensional animals while expressing their cuteness as he does. He is one of the few artists who draws realistic and three-dimensional animals while expressing their cuteness. In this interview, we talked to Hiroki Takeda about his unique technique and the reasons for his attention.

Q1What is the most important theme for you when you draw?

“If I had to give one, it would be the sense of three-dimensionality. I draw with pretty materials of plants and flowers. I want to make sure that what you see is a realistic animal with a strong presence. So I try to be conscious of shadows and light, and use light and dark colors to create a three-dimensional appearance. I also draw the plants along the lines of the body.” (elephant, 2020, H 33.2cm x W 45.4cm x D 3.5cm, Painting (Watercolor painting)
Q2 Recently, there has been a lot of attention to your work on Instagram. What was your inspiration?

“Before, I used to erase the background of my scanned works, or tweak the colors to make them more beautiful. I used to erase the background of the scanned work, or tweak the colors to make it more beautiful. Now I upload the scanned images as they are. The texture of the paper can be seen, and it is close to the original, so the viewer can see that it is a watercolor work on paper. I think this has made it easier for the viewers to understand that it is a watercolor work on paper. I also show my work on InstaLive. I also try to show my work on InstaLive to show that it is really an analog work that I draw by hand.”

(takeda_hiroki Instagram)

Q3 We have many opportunities to see your commissioned work. What are the reasons why many people ask for your work?

“I upload illustrations of cats and dogs on Instagram, so I get orders from people who want me to draw their pets.” (Hedgehog, 2020, H 29.7cm x W 21cm x D 0.1cm, Painting (Watercolor painting)
Q4 I feel that your works are characterized by the unique motifs of animals and flowers and your use of strong colors despite being watercolors. Please tell us about any recent challenges or changes in your technique in the course of painting your many works.

“I draw animals with fine plants and flowers, but I felt that adding a main large flower would make the painting more convincing.” (pomegranate rat, 2020, H 33.2cm x W 45.4cm x D 3.5cm, Painting (Watercolor painting)
Q5 What is your favorite work currently being published in TRiCERA?

“By far, dancing cherry blossoms. It was the first time I successfully drew a human figure. I’m proud to say that the color of the cherry blossoms and the expression of the kimono and hair are in the realm of the gods.” (dancing cherry blossoms, 2020, H 53.5cm x W 38.3cm x D 3.5cm, 絵画 Painting (Watercolor painting)

Thank you very much. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful work in the future!
Hiroki Takeda Biography
<Exhibition History> ANIMAL MUSEUM ~Challenge Wall in Summer2016~ Karuizawa New Art Museum 2009 Solo Exhibition “Tsunagari” D2-3 Gallery, Nagoya Zokei University 2010 Group Exhibition (Nagoya Zokei University, TRANSIT, Boise University) 2012 Group Exhibition “expression design” Mirella Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo 2014 Group Exhibition “CLORS2012”, Daikanyama Hillside Terrace, Tokyo 2014 Group exhibition “Chips”, Daikanyama Hillside Terrace, Tokyo 2014 Solo exhibition at ESPERANZA, Kichijoji Art Gallery, Tokyo 2014 Art Complex Center of Tokyo Competition Exhibition ARTLABO X 2014 2016 Karuizawa New Art Museum Group Exhibition ANIMAL MUSEUM 2018 Taipei Wrong Gallery group exhibition GIANT MANGO SELECTION vol.4 2018 Solo exhibition of Hiroki Takeda, Karuizawa New Art Museum 2019 Taipei Wrong Gallery group exhibition GIANT PIGURE SHOW – Taiwan x Japan collaboration show
<Awards received> (Titles omitted) 2013 The 8th Postcard Contest Grand Prize 2012 Chips Exhibition Voting Ranking 2nd 2013 TORIDE Postcard Exhibition, 1st place in the voting ranking 2013 Shimokita Art Space 8th Postcard Contest, Grand Prize 2013 Rough Stone 8th Postcard Contest, Grand Prize 2014 ARTLABO X 2014, Excellent Prize

The works introduced today can be purchased at TRiCERA ART

Editor in Chief / Artist Joined TRiCERA ART in 2021, Country manager of US Region. He was born in Melbourne,Australia and started his career with Film/TV Planner, Strategic planner at Advertisement Agency. Started work as a artist after joining TRiCERA under the name Soyblanc and joining his first exhibition in Tokyo in Dec, 2021.

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