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Quick Insight Vol5. Re-interpreting oriental paintings with a contemporary aesthetic. Korean artist Jooha Sim

Quick Insight Vol5. Re-interpreting oriental paintings with a contemporary aesthetic. Korean artist Jooha Sim

Jooha Sim is an artist who aims to convey her inner feelings to people today through the flower Poppy, which has the floral meaning of “consolation.” The characteristic of her works is the accidental effects of traditional oriental powder paints mixed with glue and vivid colors. As a result, they bloom more vividly than the darkness of the background. In this issue, we will be speaking with Jooha Sim.

Q1. What is the most important theme for your work?

“A caress of florescence” is the theme that I have cherished since my debut.

(A caress of florescence,H 130.3cm x W 97cm x D 2cm,Painting, 2020)

Q2. We often see enthusiastic fans of your work on our platform. What kind of people tend to like your work?

I post my work on Instagram daily. Thankfully, my fan base is growing naturally, one by one. My work is seen by people of all ages, from their 20s to 40s. I especially find that families with children like my work.



(Still flowers bloom,H 100cm x W 60cm x D 2cm,Painting, 2020)

Q3. We found it distinctive that you use chalk powder in your works. Where did you get the idea of using chalk?

Initially, I specialized in acrylic painting, and I had been creating acrylic paintings for a long time. When I majored in Oriental art at university, I came across and fell in love with the materials used in Oriental art (Bunchae).

I remember that I got the idea for my current technique from a traditional Korean technique called Chilcraft and the night view of Seoul. While I was still in school, I noticed that gold and silver line drawings looked great against a black background.

Q4. Your work is both progressive and yet feels traditional at the same time. How did you develop your own style?

I consider my paintings as contemporary Korean paintings with elements of pop art. Though I have gone through a lot of trial and error to realize my vision.

In the process of learning about *mother-of-pearl inlays, a technique used in traditional Korean furniture, I was influenced by it and applied it in my current work. * (A plate material cut from the inner part of the shell, the iridescent pearly layer, is used as a base for carving on lacquer or wood.)

When creating my works, I paint more than 10 layers of ink on traditional Korean paper and draw the foundation until I feel the weight. In the following process, by layering paint based on lime powder, colors are blended. And these colors cannot be produced or expressed with ordinary painting materials.

It creates an effect where the colors change from various angles on a black background, allowing for intense color expression. In addition, by using gold and silver powder paints and traditional techniques, I can achieve both traditional and modern expressions.

(A caress of florescence,H 80cm x W 80cm x D 2cm,Painting, 2020)

Q5. TRiCERA ART provides a global art marketplace to both artists and art fans around the world. What does it mean to you to present artworks for people outside of South Korea?

My ultimate goal is to grow into an artist recognized worldwide, and I believe that challenging the world stage will significantly impact my development as an artist. Since I started posting my works on Instagram, I have received messages from many countries.

They like my unique “Poppys- Korean Poppys,” and their interests and support have inspired me to strive beyond their expectations. I am planning to participate more actively in overseas art fairs and exhibitions when this pandemic settles down.

(A caress of florescence,H 38.2cm x W 50cm x D 2cm,Painting, 2020)

Q6. Finally, please give us some insight into your work displayed on TRiCERA ART.

I hope that people beyond South Korea will enjoy my works and feel healed and happy. And I would like people to love my art for many years to come. As a way to return the favor, I would like to continue to create even better works.

Jooha Sim’s New Artwork Available

Purchasers of artworks between 2020/0617 to 2020/06/23 will receive
a postcard signed by Jooha Sim (Delivered with the artwork)

Jooha Sim Biography

Based in Seoul, Korea

Bachelor of Oriental Painting at Duksung Women's University
Graduated from Gwang-ju Arts High School

Solo Exhibition

2021 gallant daon, Seoul (scheduled)
2020 and yer Flowers still Bloom, Gallery aria , Seoul
2020 Blossom Moment Mansion Nine, Seoul

Group Exhibition

2021 Plas2021, Seoul
2021 K auction Premium , Seoul
2020 Art dosan, Seoul
2020 K auction Premium , Seoul
2020 kongseil Gallary, Seoul
2019 When you feel beautiful Eye Gallery , Seoul
2019 T Festa Myeong-dong , Seoul
2018 So Dong-jeon, Oriental Painting Department (United Gallery)


2021 BONTÉ
2020 Center Coffee
2020 Maniere
2019 MonicaVinader

Jooha Sim Artist Page
Documentary of Jooha Sim (Korean) Riveruns

The works introduced here can be purchased at TRiCERA.

Soichiro Masuda
CMO / ArtCLip Editor-in-Chief

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