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6 Things to Know about Sean Christopher Ward

Op art is the art of expressing depth and movement from a flat picture by using special visual effects. Influenced by the masters of op art, Sean Christopher Ward creates works of art that leave a lasting impression on the viewer’s memory by incorporating visual effects rather than simply depicting what he sees, as in a sketch or drawing. His work is characterized by uniformity of paint, and it is surprising to see that it is not a digital print, but acrylic on wood panel.

(Audrey / 61cm×61cm / Acrylic)

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1.Career and Activities Sean Christopher Ward is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, gallerist, and musician who focuses on creating animation and paintings using op art mediums. He has a collection of over 600 paintings around the world, and is known to be in the personal collections of celebrities such as Bob Dylan, Elton John, and the Pixies. Although he has achieved great success in the art world, he is very community oriented and has offered his space, “HUE Gallery of Contemporary Art” and “Gallery Nocturnal” to work with and exhibit contemporary artists from around the world.

2.A positive way of looking at the importance of community Rather than having a closed mindset in creating a community, he has a very positive view of always wanting to bring in new sensibilities, and he can sense his quest and desire to always seek out cutting-edge art. 3.Op Art and the Expression of Memory When I draw people, he uses world famous people such as Audrey Hepburn, Beethoven, and action star Bruce Lee as my motif. These are people whose faces we have all seen at one time or another. There is a reason why we choose the most famous people. In a short period of time, our memories of famous people are clear, but after a long time, due to the way the brain works, the memories gradually fade and become fragmented. However, it does not mean that we forget everything, there are always fragments of information that remain, and these fragments of memory are represented in the paintings. In the work “Beethoven”, he used different thickness of stripes to represent Beethoven, and when you look at it from a distance, Beethoven’s face emerges realistically. It is a work that expresses the vague fragments of memory caused by the passage of time, using the effect of optical illusion rather than photorealistic drawing.

(Beethoven / 61cm×61cm / acrylic)

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4.The Art of Preserving Fragments of Memory The brain cannot read a faded memory from a piece of information again and bring it back to a clear state. The mind, however, is able to add information that it has mentally felt over time and form it anew within itself. Such fragments are drawn and preserved in the mind and in the works of Sean Christopher Ward, and continue to support society. His work reflects the idea that what continues to support society will also continue to live on in someone else’s heart. 5.Stimulation from patterns In addition to the works with people as the main subject, there are several other artworks that express patterns like geometric patterns. One of them is called “Are You In or Are You Out”. One of the artworks is called “Are You In or Are You Out”, which refers to the fact that the more patterns we can recognize, the more we can expand our imagination and creativity. We can analyze various behavioral patterns to gain an advantage in sports, or to reduce the risk of disease by analyzing physical patterns. Studies have actually shown that just looking at the shading, which is one of the characteristics of color patterns, can increase imagination and motivation. By studying the patterns, the brain can consciously make better choices. This is described by Sean Christopher Ward as “the evolutionary edge of humans over animals. It is true that animals cannot learn from patterns. The rainbow-colored background represents various daily behaviors and thoughts, and the geometric patterned behaviors that we unconsciously trace on the background are designed to stimulate us physically and psychologically with the patterns.

(Are You In or Are You Out/45.7cm×61cm/acrylic)

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6.A Logical Message Sean Christopher Ward’s work conveys a message that is both scientific and psychological in nature. His work is not only visually beautiful, but also makes us think about how we perceive memory and our daily patterns. As he continues to explore the cutting edge of contemporary art on a daily basis, I look forward to checking out his future works.

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