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Six points to know about deityparty

Deityparty draws pictures of cute girls with simple designs that look like characters, but on the contrary, many of her works are about the dark side of human nature. She uses light colors such as watercolors and colored pencils, but the messages she conveys are somewhat sympathetic and something that we all tend to have.

1.Background of deityparty

A Taipei-based artist, deityparty received her BFA in painting from Taipei National University of the Arts in 2012, her MA in linguistics from National Taiwan University in 2016, and her work on painting was published in the Walter de Gruyter book series in 2019. He currently works as a product designer during the day and as an artist at night. In addition to painting, she also writes and has won several literary awards, including the Selected Award at the 2019 Taipei Illustration Fair. on Instagram, she shares her daily work with the world under the ID “deityparty,” which is the same as her name.

2.Literary sensibility

Many of his artworks show a literary sensibility in the way he focuses on the emotional side of human beings and the short words attached to the captions. In the work “Dancing In The Dark,” deityparty’s notion that people struggling with their problems look as if they are dancing in the dark was added. The touch of the brush is rough, as if to show the intensity of the dance movement, and the parts of the face and the outline of the body are not clearly drawn. The colors used were mainly red and blue, and I could also sense the intense waves of emotional ups and downs of suffering and anger in the darkness.

(Dancing In The Dark/17cm×23.2cm/mixed media)

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3.Portrayal of people with modern darkness

I have expressed many images of people with a dark side that we tend to have today. The work “In My Sleep” is about insomnia. The background of the room in which the woman is sleeping is left white on purpose. The background of the room in which the woman is sleeping is left white. Although there is no direct expression of insomnia, the description of the woman’s hand as “a hand holding a knife” indicates that she is actually suffering and trapped, even though she seems to be just lying down in a brightly lit room.

(In My Sleep/21cm×30cm/watercolor)

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This work, “Blue Still Life,” with its sad-looking head and teacup, gives a mysterious impression. The painting depicts a tired head resting on a desk during a break, which is a good representation of the busyness of our modern world. We are so busy with so many things every day that we get so tired that we want to remove our heads, but even if we just take a break with a cup of tea, we will not be satisfied with the rest. I’m so busy that I need to remove my thoughts and empty my head as a still life.

(Blue Still Life / 10cm×14.9cm / mixed media)

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4.Empathetic message

There may be something that we can all relate to in the works that depict the darker side of human nature. By empathizing with deityparty’s work, we can feel a sense of relief and joy of being understood.

5.High level of storytelling

As deityparty is also a writer, some of his works have scenes with captions that look like passages from novels. For example, in “Swimmers,” “They went for a swim. Something happened that day that changed them forever. The caption makes us wonder what happened to the two girls in swimsuits who seem to be friends. I wondered what had happened to the two girls in swimsuits who looked like friends. The way their eyes were looking in different directions made me wonder if they had just had a fight, or if something serious had happened, judging from the overall disturbing dark tone. Because the story is not described in depth, it is a mechanism that allows the reader to freely imagine the story.


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The work “The Kiss,” although brutally depicted as if the head is flying off, also has a narrative added to it, like a movie poster. “In the presence of death, two people kiss. The caption reads, “Before death, they kiss. We don’t know anything, but it’s an interesting work that makes us speculate about the story in many ways. (The Kiss/10cm×14.9cm/mixed media)

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6.The charm of catchy pictures mixed with a hint of darkness

By adding the spice of darkness to the catchy and cute pictures, a new unbalanced charm is born. The strong gap between the two is deeply etched in our brains. It would be interesting to discuss what kind of stories we associate with the same work, and I would like to continue to follow the power of attraction that only deityparty can bring out in his works.

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Manami Yoneda
After spending 3 Years in High School Art Course and vocational school, Manami started her career as a writer and a designer. She specialize in writing article about Art and life styles such as Art as Interior, Health, Life hacks etc.

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