What is 3331 Arts Chiyoda?

Opened in Tokyo in 2010, this art space is based on the site of an elementary school. There is a space with 1 basement, 3 floors above ground and a rooftop where special exhibitions and competitions are held. Space is also provided and there are several galleries in the building.
There is also a cafe on the first floor, which is visited by neighbors. You can enjoy art in a simple way that is closer to everyday life.

Arts Chiyoda 3331 as the artwork.

Interestingly, 3331 Arts Chiyoda was created by an artist. It’s the work of Masato Nakamura, the director of the space and artist who has mainly presented sculptures and project-based works.
As a result of considering the continuation of art projects in a sustainable way, the output was an organization with a monetization mechanism.

An Art Fair to Update Art Fairs.

3331 Arts Chiyoda will hold a 3/18 to 3/22 art fair. This is the 9th time since 2013. This time, 62 artists, 35 galleries, and 6 art colleges will participate in the exhibition and present their works.
In addition to the exhibits, performances and ZINE events are held, and there is a charm that does not fit into the frame of an orthodox art fair. This is an art fair that can be enjoyed as a movement to consider how art relates to society.

Etsu Egami, lure of passing each other ©︎EtsuEgami
Kaori Oda, cenote005

Masahiro Tobita, spoken word project “make clothes that tell us”(From a workshop with women in Tohoku region.)

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