There is an art space in the “Beppu station market” a walking distance from Beppu Station in Oita Prefecture in southern Japan. Name is “GENJITSU”. It is an experimental art space run by artist Naoyuki Hata who lives in the prefecture.

“GENJITSU” is an art group consisting of 3 artists originally living in Oita Prefecture. There were three members, Hiroaki Azuma, Takanori Suzuki, and Naoyuki Hata, but the other two left because they moved away. In response to the change in the membership of the “GENJITSU”, Hata decided to make a new start by changing the way from an art group to an art space.

“The most important thing is that we present our work and improve ourselves. I would like to invite artists from other countries and try it out. The location is also important, and I think the location of the shopping street is suitable. For example, it can be seen by passers-by and stores across the street. They wonder and I want to value the communication that comes from it. I think it’s an experiment for us, an experiment for the city.”

Hata, now the only member, says so. One of his aims is to move art into a broader frame like everyday life. “GENJITSU” is an art space, and at the same time, it is a movement.



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