Life as we see it is incredibly vivid.

91 x 72.7 cm/330,000円

However, the only people who are conscious of color in their daily lives are artists and designers.

Let’s take a look at how colors affect us. Red, for example, promotes the secretion of adrenaline and yellow affects lymphatic function. Believe it or not, the effects of colors on physiological or psychological functions are not as significant as they are in advertisements, for example This is actively applied in the According to the purpose of the advertisement, that is, to use different colors according to its aim.

So what about the art world?

Blue is said to be a special color, and psychologically, it is said to promote “sedation,” which is why, for example, the Impressionists’ Blue was often used in the Middle Ages and was also the color of royalty in the Middle Ages. Even the famous Eve Klein was fascinated by blue, and she created her own color, International Klein Blue ( IKB)” as well. Blue is the color of serenity, the color of nobility.

Of course, color is one of the essential gadgets in art. Light or dark, luxurious or clean, each particular color has its own metaphorical image, which the painter It’s an important way to apt-put the world you envision.

Hinanda’s work is no different. Her works, which she paints over and over with crayons, acrylics and gesso as a base, are often on a grand scale, and the colors she uses are often blue.

180 x 270cm/4,000,000円


She has traveled to Los Angeles, Turin, Miami, Monte Carlo, Paris, and other places around the world to exhibit her work. The work of Delta N.A., a unit of artists, focuses on the dichotomy of modern life. It is. The use of low-light blue gives the space an illusionary tone and a leisurely, thought-provoking feel He invites you to Hiroki Takahashi is an artist who paints Japan’s delicate four seasons in fine detail.

La scelta del cuore – Heart’s choice
60 x 50cm/187,000円
Dream in the wood
100 x 70 cm/187,000円


He is meticulous about maintaining the transparency and freshness of the colors to make the most of the beauty of rock paint as a material He pays careful attention to the following. The emotional picture spun from colors derived from rock paint is dignified and deep, yet never The finish is not uncouth.

53 x 41cm/600,000円

 Fuji and the Milky Way, one of the most Japanese motifs painted in deep blue, you can sit back in your chair at home and take your time to look at them.

33.3 x 24.2 cm/280,000円

Art is made up of countless elements such as motifs, materials, brushwork and context. But when choosing a work of art that is so close to our lives, we should be aware of the color.


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