1.A contemporary art gallery located in the corner of a first-class hotel.

“MEDEL GALLERY SHU”, located in the Imperial Hotel Plaza in Ginza, Tokyo, is a contemporary art gallery that opened in April 2018.

This gallery has held more than 70 exhibitions that focus on young artists. Many artists with high expectations in the future were introduced, and some became exclusive artists after the exhibition.

Based on the concept of “Everything with value is art.” fashion, accessories, and jewelry will be present just like artworks. It’s a gallery with a new atmosphere.

2. TAKANOSUKE YASUI: an artist who integrates painting and sculpture.

One of the artists MEDEL GALLERY SHU recently introduced is YASUI Takanosuke, who creates works that combine paintings and sculptures.

Yasui’s paintings and sculptures share a common “wrinkle” texture. Yasui creates the expression that blurs the line between painting and sculpture as a symbol of something that lies between the dichotomy of reality and ideals, using modern models as motifs.

This time, he mainly presents works with the theme of Camille Claudel who was Rodin’s lover and sculptor. By the skill to symbolize “between things”, he presents us some sight that is like the emotions based on the gap between history, and us who live in present-day and see the past as well.

Unlike business, the everyday world we live in is not black and white. Yasui’s works show us this in the form of art very dramatically.

Takanosuke Yasui, The God Gone, 2020, Plaster/Cotton cloth/Acryl/Wood panel, 163.5×132.5cm
Takanosuke Yasui, reservoir, 2020, Plaster/Cotton cloth/Acryl/Wood panel, 137×91.5cm

3.AZUSA NOZAWA: A pop and refreshing painting that makes a sharp reference to the environment surrounding sex.

MEDEL GALLERY SHU is planning to introduce it in the exhibition, and the artist who is drawing attention is Azusa Nozawa. She is characterized by drawing immature boys and girls narrowly on the screen by a technique based on the Sticker bomb.

Sticker bomb is a technique to put stickers on cars and motorcycles. Although it is a custom technology derived from street culture, Nozawa uses it to create a style of expression that fills the screen, including her collection of miscellaneous goods in her childhood.

Another characteristic of her is the problem of sex. The boys and girls are depicted from a somewhat masculine point of view, but her aim is to express the layer structure by incorporating the subjectivity and objectivity of sex into one screen. It is the combination of structure (= Tiering) and expression (= animated image) that depicts the environment surrounding the sex that makes her a new artist.

Azusa Nozawa, Kawaii materials, 2020
Azusa Nozawa, Kawaii object, 2019


1 Chome-1-1 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-0011
Yurakucho Station on the JR Yamanote Line
11:00-19:00, Mon-Sun


2/17-2/23, 2020

AZUSA NOZAWA ’Huretehotobori’
2/24-3/1, 2020


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