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Cat which travels through the world of painting, and how to preserve your feline cuteness forever in a work of art.

Welcome, cat lovers.

This article will introduce you to “Traveling Mucha,” a series of works by the painter Kenta Nakajima featuring cats traveling through the world’s most famous paintings, and to invite you to commission work to keep your cat in the paintings .


The cat belonging to Kenta Nakajima, a painter, is curious and loves new things. she enjoys the world of masterpieces through conversations with Kenta Nakajima. Her name comes from Alphonse Mucha. Although she doesn’t like to be held, she likes to roam around with Kenta on her shoulder.

Kenta Nakajima

“Nice to meet you. My name is Kenta Nakajima, and I’m a painter. It’s been a little over a year since I started living with Mucha. Mucha is very curious and loves new things. I would like to travel with him to the world of famous paintings around the world, a journey that is possible because he is a painter. Let’s transcend borders, time, and genres, and go to many places, Mucha.”

Works in the series Traveling Mucha

Playing with Cézanne’s Still Life

(W 41 x H 53 x D 2 cm,Oil Painting, On Sale with Special Price)

Mucha, who loses sight of her surroundings when she is absorbed in something, was very interested in the still life set up by Cézanne. Cézanne was so particular about his work that he would yell at the models even if they moved a little while posing. Mucha can’t help but notice the apple on the desk. Even though she knows she shouldn’t, her curiosity seems to get the better of her…

Good Night at Home

(W 27.3 x H 19 x D 2 cm,Oil Painting)

Mucha has loved her stuffed penguin since she was a little girl. They used to be about the same size, but now the penguin is like a little brother in comparison. She’s in the house, so she doesn’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain, but she can’t stay in the umbrella with him anymore.

Mucha’s Summer Vacation

(W 18 x H 18 x D 2 cm,Oil Painting)(W 18 x H 18 x D 2 cm,Oil Painting)

(W 18 x H 18 x D 2 cm,Oil Painting)

In Mucha’s home, there are actually many items that the painter acquired on her travels. The carpet on which she is lying down was acquired in Morocco. On hot summer days, she goes back and forth between the coolness of the flooring and the moistness of the carpet. she has to choose the right place to sleep according to her mood.

Kenta Nakajima

Born in 1984. Active in many fields as a painter, including commentator for information programs and art supervisor for TV dramas. He is known as a “sell-out painter” because more than 700 of his works have been sold out. He has held solo exhibitions throughout Japan and is currently broadcasting his live painting “Traveling Mucha” on YouTube. He has held solo exhibitions throughout Japan, and broadcasts his live painting “Traveling Mucha” on YouTube. His book “Sold Out Painter” (2021, CCC Media House) is now on sale at bookstores nationwide.

In the painting Why don’t you let your beloved cat or dog travel with you?

You can request Kenta Nakajima to create a work “just for you”.

The works introduced here are available at TRiCERA.

Editor in Chief / Artist Joined TRiCERA ART in 2021, Country manager of US Region. He was born in Melbourne,Australia and started his career with Film/TV Planner, Strategic planner at Advertisement Agency. Started work as a artist after joining TRiCERA under the name Soyblanc and joining his first exhibition in Tokyo in Dec, 2021.

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