Kohei Kyomori is an artist who mainly creates two-dimensional works as a ‘Modern decorator’. His goal is to create powerful works that appeal to human vision and pass it on to the next generation. “My goal is to go beyond the times. By interpreting and updating the decorative culture built by humanity throughout history into a painting, I want to create works that will impress everyone.”

Armani rear standing mirror -Edition 2/5-, 27.3×27.3cm

Please describe your style of ‘applying decorative culture to art’. 
-I work under the title of a modern decorator. I intend to interpret the history of decorative culture and also update them. My work may be a painting that also introduces a new style of decorative culture regardless of country or region. I want to give everyone a ‘wow!’ experience.  

You involved in graphic design and fashion as well. Does that experience give any influence to your work? 
-Yes, it does affect my work and also an important factor as well. My roots are graphic design and fashion so the skill that I’ve gained is very useful especially when I’m thinking about the composition. Also, Japanese graphic design has its roots in prints and it gives some influence on my work as I use printmaking techniques such as Giclee printing as well. 

How do you create your work?
-I start by sketching and then simulate digitally. Elements that are created unexpectedly, such as when joining materials together, are important. After finishing the digital simulation, I output it using Giclee printing and finish it off with the UV process. My work may not look like it’s delicate and elaborate but it is. 

There are several series in your works, which is the most important series for you right now?
-At this moment, there are about 5 series. One of the important series is a series called “Aharebi”. I started creating this series for the Olympics and it contains a message of wishing to overcome discrimination and prejudice between people with different cultures/backgrounds. It is a series that focus on ‘Loss’ and which I believe it is still possible to impress people even without having everything, kind of related to Paralympic. 
Another important series is called “JAPAN BLUE” which is a series using indigo dye. I believe that everything, even social misfit is personality. I think a diverse society is something that does not fit into the established frameworks in the first place. So the theme for this series is ‘affirmation of imperfection’ which I think is very Japanese. 

aruma side – UN col2 / Daruma side – A col2 -Edition 1/3-, 33.3 × 33.3cm

Many of your works have strong messages. 
-Yes, I agree. The most important thing in creating my work is to go beyond the times. Recently I often think about universality, which is like ‘impressing by the eyes’. I put a lot of skills and time to create the decoration, and I’m pretty sure everyone will be impressed by the energy that each work has. I like things that I can impress without explaining, and I think it’s wonderful. In the world of contemporary art, and also in the context of conceptual art that has been going on since Duchamp, I would like to explore what I can do with my background in graphic design and fashion. Regardless of where you are in the world, job type, or ethnicity, I would like to create a work that everyone would say “Wow!”. 

Vajrapani – UN / Vajrapani – A-Edition2/3-, 60×115cm

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