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Why choose TRiCERA ART? More than an online art gallery.

Premium experience with Japanese hospitality in North American approach

Purchasing art is exciting and sometimes thrilling, either online or offline, the first time or more. What can you expect from TRiCERA ART when you purchase with them? We have interviewed Isaac, our Customer Support staff in charge of North America.

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Soy: What are the elements that make TRiCERA ART different from others in terms of Customer Support?

Isaac: It’s premium experience by Japanese hospitality, without a doubt. The extended care for details is Japan’s trademark when treating customers, and it’s in the company’s DNA as well. I want the customers to know that they can feel free to contact us, not only after but before purchasing too, about any questions or requests when choosing art online.

Soy: Can the language be a problem when contacting a Japanese company?

Isaac: It shouldn’t be. Our support staff dedicated to North American customers are all fluent, at least in English. Most of the employees lived abroad, so not only the language but we also have an understanding of diverse communicative and cultural needs.

For example, I’m from Japan but have been living abroad for the past seven years; four-plus years in Vancouver, Canada, two years in France, and now in Montreal- back in Canada. How I think or behave is much more Canadian than Japanese by now.

Free and tailored Art Advisory   

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Soy:When I look around TRiCERA, we are a mixed group of passionate art lovers exposed to/ came from different cultures. We are eager to deliver Japanese and Asian art culture to the world.

Isaac: Yes, that’s why we are not concentrating only on the Japanese market. Our Free Art Advisory service is tailored for North American customers to take advantage of some uniqueness from TRiCERA ART but aligned to their taste, not to the Japanese taste.

Soy:When in Rome, do as the Romans do, I see. In Australia, I also noticed that what people liked from Japan differed from what I expected them to enjoy. 

Free worldwide shipping and 14 days returns

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Soy:How do you manage the shipping and returns for them when TRiCERA is a global platform?

Isaac: We are offering worldwide free shipping. The orders will be picked up and delivered by a trusted major logistics company. I shouldn’t forget to mention that the tracking information is also complimentary. After living in countries where postal services are merely as good as Japan, I have realized how relieving it is to shop with tracking information.

Return policy is worth mentioning too. Customers can claim a return within 14 days from the artwork’s arrival. As long as there’s no damage to it, they can ship it back without a cost. In most cases, I receive feedback that the actual art exceeds their online expectations, though it makes sense from the customer’s point of view to have 14 days free return as a backup plan.

Soy: So, the customers can benefit from fluent and localized communication with an extra touch of Japanese welcome, free art advisory with unique Asian insights, worldwide free shipping, and 14 days free return.

Isaac: Plus, we accept major credit cards such as AMEX or Visa and PayPal. We aim to achieve both the convenience of online shopping and the security and familiarity of in-person shopping.

Communication is the key to find Art

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Soy: Dedication for customer satisfaction is indeed our strength. Finally, what is the appeal of working with TRiCERA ART for you? 

Isaac: The company’s principle is ”Creativity has no boundaries” resonates with me because there shouldn’t be, but there are many boundaries in reality. I grew up visiting museums on weekends; naturally, art became a part of myself. Then I studied other forms of art- music and international business. I have worked in Japan, Canada, and France. By contributing my passion and experience, I would love to help our artists reach wider audiences.

In the context of art, I think miscommunication or misunderstanding of necessary business communications is one of the boundaries. In Japan, we have a strong tradition of doing our best without saying. It is considered a virtue. Also, art is generally considered to communicate itself through its visuals. But I believe that if intention is not communicated properly, it means it lose the right value and opportunities. Art needs to be properly understood to be appreciated; otherwise, it’s missing its value.

That’s why I want to communicate with global art fans about what the Asian art world should be able to proudly present. There are so much more talents hidden than Yayoi Kusama or Takashi Murakami.

Come find out new art and talk to us, other fellow art fans.

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Editor in Chief / Artist Joined TRiCERA ART in 2021, Country manager of US Region. He was born in Melbourne,Australia and started his career with Film/TV Planner, Strategic planner at Advertisement Agency. Started work as a artist after joining TRiCERA under the name Soyblanc and joining his first exhibition in Tokyo in Dec, 2021.

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Why choose TRiCERA ART? More than an online art gallery.

Premium experience with Japanese hospitality in North American approach Purchasing art is exciting and sometimes thrilling, either online or offline, the first time or more....

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